Awasisak Nikan 1st Week 307
Sage is picked for its many uses, including medicines and smudging.

Goals of Awasisak Nikan

Although students will still be doing regular classroom curriculum for ELA  and IMG_8101mathematics, many of their lessons will be through outdoor education.




Students will:IMG_8101

  • learn treaties – specifically those that directly affect Little Pine
  • be divided up into male and female groups to learn the specific roles of each gender
  • develop trusting relationships through guidelines and procedures to ensure student safety and growth to develop self-concept and self-esteem
  • engage in outdoor education with a traditional Nahiyaw perspective to learn:
    • traditional ways of knowing
    • traditional activities
    • from Elders who are involved in passing on knowledge

Girls Activities

  • Berry picking
  • Sewing
  • Cooking
  • Bead-work

Boys Activities

Studying a water filtration system in Treaty 6 territory
  • Fire-making
  • Hunting games
  • Trapping
  • Skinning
  • Tracking
  • Fishing

Group Activities for all students

  • Horsemanship
  • traditional dances
  • Pow-wow dances
  • First Nations hand-games
  • Environmental projects
  • World environmental views


Little Pine Elders will teach students their ways of knowing

  • Daily prayer
  • Smudging (purpose and meaning behind it)
  • First Nations world view
  • Observing protocols in all that we do
  • Gender protocols
  • Survival
  • Language (also through regular Cree classes)
  • Kinship
  • Parental involvement